As a UC Davis alumnus, I’m always proud to promote the vibrant underground music scene in Davis, CA. Run primarily by the local college radio station KDVS 90.3FM, the city lights up every week with house shows by bands playing diverse versions of strange, noisy, alt-everything. Often very few of the students present have even heard the band — but it’s still worth it to go to the show, grab a 40 oz of Miller Lite and join the ear-splitting, sweaty, living room mosh pit and then waltz outside and have a cigarette with your friends. What San Franciscans gain in bringing big name artists, we lose in freedom — bouncers, camera passes, ID checks, no moshing rules, expensive equipment.

The point is this: in Davis, they’re celebrating that no-fucks-given attitude like they have eleven times prior with Operation: Restore Maximum Freedom, a day long outdoor music festival at a biker bar (a real one, not Zeitgeist) in the agricultural fields outside of Davis. Find a spot in the grass and watch an eclectic lineup of Sacramento/Bay Area artists and bands pound their instruments into the ground right in front of you. For those (like me) obsessed with the weather, it should be 85 degrees in Davis this Saturday. Perfect.

KDVS 90.3fm Presents:
Operation: Restore Maximum Freedom XII
May 19, 2012
Plainfield Station
23944 County Rd. 98
All Ages


Dibia$e (LA/Sacramento)
Raleigh Moncrief (Sacramento)
Twin Steps (Oakland)
Buk Buk Bigups (Sacramento)
No Babies (Oakland)
Brothers Amor (Oakland)
World Hood (Sacramento)
UCD Gamelan Ensemble (UC Davis)
West Nile Ramblers (Davis)
Mondo Lava (Davis)
Yi (Oakland)
Headboggle (San Francisco)
Burglars (Davis, Santa Cruz, Long Beach)