Evan Caminiti

Evan Caminiti of Barn Owl’s latest solo release is Night Dust, out now on Immune Recordings. The album is out on LP and cassette, and, as Caminiti told Fluid Radio, tape played a big role in Night Dust‘s composition:

I just used a cassette 4 track for basic tracking but then bounced the tracks through an effects chain to a DAW and layered gradually on top of that. I was influenced by the approach of dub mixes so there is a lot delay involved but I experimented with other techniques like playing cassettes back through different amps and re-recording them or playing tapes backwards.

Caminiti performs at Liminal Space on Saturday, May 26th. Check out the below video for Night Dust‘s “Returning Spirits”:

Evan Caminiti, KWJAZ, Marielle Jakobsons
Liminal Space
May 26, 2012
9pm, $7-10