SF Popfest returns for a fourth year for indie music lovers with a sweet tooth. This year’s festival spans three days and two venues, featuring 13 bands and three ten DJs for what should be a very confectionery Memorial Day weekend. Standouts include Kids on a Crime Spree, Cruel Summer, Manatee, Desario, and Black Elephant (just to name a handful), while the kids from Shine-on will take Saturday into the wee hours of Sunday morning with an indie pop dance party.

Check out the full schedule and get your tickets here, but first, listen to this mix made by Jamie Jams of Shine On to get you psyched:


1. Seapony – “Dreaming” 00:00
(Go with Me, LP; Hardly Art, 2010)
2. Cruel Summer – “White Flag” 02:17
(Rocinante Records, 2012)
3. Outerhope – “Twenty Years from Now” 06:38
(A Day for the Absent, LP; Numberline Records, 2009)
4. Boat – Landlocked 11:32
(Dress Like Your Idols, LP; Magic Marker Records, 2011)
5. The Bilinda Butchers – “All My Friends” 14:35
(Regret, Love, Guilt, Dreams, LP; Fastcut Records, 2011)
6. Allen Clapp – “Snow in the Sun” 19:35
(Something Strange Happens, LP; Bus Stop, 2006)
7. Desario – “Call Out Your Rivals” 21:23
(Mixer, LP; Test Pattern Records, 2012)
8. Black Elephant – “Roce Et Roule” 25:14
(Trabajo Records, 2012)
9. Kids on a Crime Spree – “To Mess with Dynamite” 27:18
(We Love You So Bad, LP; Slumberland Records, 2011)
10. Surf Club – “Young Love” 29:29
(Young Love EP; Death Party Records, 2012)
11. Manatee – “Indecision” 31:40
(Slumberland Records, 2012)
12. TV Girl – “Baby You Were There” 34:56
(Benny and the Jetts, EP; Small Plates Records, 2011)