Allo' Darlin

The UK’s Allo’ Darlin know how to take on the obscure cover. They played “If You Don’t Pull” from Glasgow’s The Just Joans. The song comes from 2009’s Love and Other Hideous Accidents which existed in only 200 copies. Fortunately you can find it on the web. Singer/uke slinger Elizabeth Morris explained that “pull” is like “pick up (a guy)” in the US, and the chorus goes ‘If you don’t pull then you have to walk home on your own. If you walk home on your own then you’re gonna wake up on your own.” It’s a great song, and The Just Joans’ thick Scottish drawl is pretty righteous. Both bands recorded on the Wee Pop! label, but Allo’ Darlins newly released 2nd LP, Europe, is on Oakland’s very own Slumberland Records. Europe sounds great on white vinyl and includes the beautiful ukulele ballad “Tallulah” that stood out as the other highlight of the Rickshaw show. With a recent spot on NPR, I fear my sweet Darlins may be movin’ to bigger venues soon. That would be a shame. I want them all to myself in tiny clubs and bike shop parking lots.

UK’s Wave Pictures were already on stage when I arrived at 9:45pm. They yelled for Raphi to join them on stage. As it happened Raphi was right behind me in line waiting to get in. I had met Raphi when he played drums with Columbus Ohio’s Black Swans a few months back. Raphi lives in Berkeley and has done a bunch of cool recordings for film and TV. Check them out via Soundcloud. Anyway, he rushed the stage and took on that tambourine. The drummer came up to sing a touching song about shooting his girlfriend…with a pop gun…that says ‘bang’. The lead singer/guitarist even recited a poem. This Be the Verse by Philip Larkin begins “They fuck you up, your mum and dad. They may not mean to, but they do. They fill you with the faults they had. And add some extra, just for you.” There were some nice tropical guitar licks and even a brief Pavement moment. But in the immortal words of D. Boon “cut down the guitar solos!”.

SF’s SorryEverAfter musta played a pretty short set. I did enjoy them at Benders when they played the Noise Pop happy hour, and I am digging the debut EP Meet us When the Lights Go Low on blue vinyl.