It was the most beautiful day of the year; clear, sunny and warm. Dr. Dog played a great free show in front of the University Library on UC Berkeley’s Memorial Glade as part of its annual Cal Day. They rocked through the catalog including multiple numbers from my favorite records We All Belong and Fate. Shucks, there was free root beer for cryin’ out loud. What could possibly go wrong?!

Then I strolled by this tiny sign. I had to read it a few times. Monsanto and UC have partnered to bring us toxic lawns?! Ee-gatz! It’s one thing to do it and another to advertise it. MONSANTO?Seriously?? It couldn’t be worse if the lawn was sponsored by fuckin’ Halliburton. This is UC Berkeley ain’t it? In 1968 we woulda dug that tainted grass up and dumped it down the chimney of the dean and mailed the rest to Monsanto Execs. Monsanto crimes are no secret. They approach farmers with ultimatums and threats if they don’t use their patented, genetically modified seeds. Their RoundUp herbicide is seriously toxic so I hope people rinsed off after the show! At least they spelled the name wrong (Monstanto) for some minor comic relief and evidence of their cluelessness.

The tight security wouldn’t let me take any close ups, but didn’t seem to mind the kids (high on RoundUp no doubt) climbing the walls of the library… Fortunately Dr. Dog return for Outside Lands in August. It ain’t free, but will afford a rare chance to catch Neil Young with Crazy Horse! Americana will be their first recording together in 9 years.

Fortunately I had just completed a serious cleanse the night before at Oaksterdam’s Uptown where the Buzzcocks simply kicked ass and inspired a swirling mass of fans to sweat buckets all over the floor. One of only six US shows this year. Helloakland!