I speak from firsthand experience when I say: Luke Judd is a badass visual artist. He has done projections at a number of shows I’ve attended/played, and they’ve always blown me away.

His latest idea is probably his most badass yet: a “roving projection rig” for downtown Oakland. He’s got a Kickstarter going right now to try and make it happen, but it ends tomorrow and he needs your help. Dig deep folks. Support the arts.

I remember a house party once in Oakland where he was projecting several different shapes all over the back of the house. That was badass enough in its own right, but the really cool part was that there was this mobile-type thing hanging from the back porch (it was a house in Oakland, dude) and he was projecting on to the mobile so that it cast a shadow in the middle of the projection. Trust me: It was dope. (You can actually see a short clip of it in the video above.)

Oh, and did I mention that this project is Keak Da Sneak-approved?

Here’s a video of my band playing The New Parish accompanied by Luke’s projections. The person who shot this was not trying to focus on the projections, but you’ll still get the idea. The idea being: these projections are completely awesome, and you should support Luke’s attempts to take them to the streets.