Black Tambourine cover

Black Tambourine’s four-song Ramones tribute EP, OneTwoThreeFour (like Dee Dee’s signature shout that triggered each song) is available for pre-order from BT guitarist Mike Schulman’s local label, Slumberland Records. The official release date is May 15 for this double 7” and digital download, which also features backing vocals from Rose Melberg, another Dee Dee (from the Dum Dum Girls), Lisa Smith, and Jenny Robbins from Honeymoon Diary.

Check out “What’s Your Game”, awash in beautiful shimmering fuzz and squall:

Black Tambourine reunited in April for the twentieth anniversary of Chickfactor (with Small Factory, Versus, Aisler’s Set, and many other great pop bands) and are rumored to be playing shows in both London and Portland, OR.

Um, excuse me, Mr. Schulman. Don’t forget us!