Remixes are normally a maximalist paradise — add drums, add reverb, add distortion. Rarely does one find a remix that strips a track down to its bare essential (that particular job is typically taken up by the lead singer and an acoustic guitar). East Bay future-pop producer Parentz, however, succeeds in turning “Gold Tooth” — one of the stand-out tracks from Oakland-based B. Hamilton‘s Everything I Own Is Broken LP — into a plaintive, string anchored track in this new remix. Instead of studio tricks, Parentz injects a healthy dose of emotion to the song by placing rise and fall strings behind B. Hamilton‘s lead singer Ryan Christopher Parks’ warnings to “never look back”.

If successful remixes are defined by their ability to bring a new frame of reference to a song (ideally without distracting from the original version) then “Gold Tooth” (Parentz Remix) is a success, hands down. Check it out below: