Slacker savant Chris McVicker, a.k.a. Swiftumz, made a video for the impossibly catchy-yet-sulky track “More Than Sleep,” off of the excellent 2011 Holy Mountain release Don’t Trip. The video seems to chronicle a day in the life of a lovelorn record junkie — wake up, pine, play everything from Christian Death to Masta Ace, pine some more, lights off, go to bed.

I chatted with McVicker about the video and what he’s been up to since the last time we talked:

TBB: Tell me about the process of making the video.

Chris McVicker: I shot, edited, and even uploaded the video to YouTube on my phone. It probably should have taken only four or five hours but in reality it took more like six months because I just never worked on it. I needed a new song online for people to listen to who haven’t heard the record. I’m not an artist and I don’t really have people asking to work on videos with me so I just tried to convey a simple idea. The only help I had was my friend Sara’s hand drawing on that tablecloth at the beginning.

TBB: What is the significance of all the records in the video?

CM: Those are all records that are kinda laying around the record shelf in unorganized stacks that I’d been listening to lately. They are all records I really like and a few of them have life-changing significance, but I tried not to think about it too much. I put the Jesus and Mary Chain records at each end because “More Than Sleep” is kind of a JAMC rip-off.

TBB: Any upcoming releases?

CM: We have two new 7-inch singles coming out, dates TBA. They were both recorded by local genius Patrick Brown at Different Fur Studios, who was a joy to work with. We are gonna put “Willy” out by ourselves (Still Listening to offers!). It’s about my friend Willy who was in a bad mood one day and how I wanted to cheer him up. Some of the lyrics are directly from our text message conversation that day. Both singles will be available all over the world, but Aquarius seems to do a really good job of keeping my records in stock so I’d start there once they’re available.

TBB Premiere: Swiftumz – “Willy”

TBB: I’ll be sure to announce that. Keep me posted. What about the new Swiftumz LP, though? How is that coming along?

CM: The new record is coming along. I’m going to try and make kind of a country tinged club/dance song. Some stuff is already recorded. I’m begging a couple producer friends to lend time and talent. A few of the hit songs I need to sit down with and fine tune and finish. I am going to collaborate on songwriting with a couple of friends on this one. We will record it the best way we can with what’s available, whether is a 4 track, a tape machine, Protools, Logic, or Garage Band.

TBB: What’s next? Besides your May 31 gig with Wet Illustrated, The Mallard, and Chris Thayer at the Verdi Club, are there any other Swiftumz shows coming up?

CM: No other shows booked, but we are going to book a show with some friends bands that we like soon that will be really fun.

TBB: Like?

CM: Some combination of: Pigs, Violent Change

[featuring members of ABI YOYOS, Trainwreck Riders, and Yankee Kamikaze], Nasty Christmas, Love Devotion, English Singles, and Cruel Summer.

Stay tuned….