Birds & Batteries
Photo by: Matthew Washburn

This morning on The Bay Bridged, we debut “Living Through Pictures” — one of five danceable pop songs that mark the return of Birds & Batteries. They celebrate the release of their newest EP, the somewhat dark and synth-heavy Unfold, with a show at Bottom of the Hill Saturday. The bill stays local with Mwahaha and oWNERSHIP (8:30, $12, tickets). Those who attend the show will not only receive a download code to the digital EP, they’ll see “Living Through Pictures” performed live for the very first time.

Here’s a little info about the EP:

Unfold is the new EP by Birds & Batteries, four energetic yet heavy tracks and one slow-mo reprise fueled by the complexities of love and conflict in a digital age. Songwriter Mike Sempert wields his uncanny ability to meld micro and the macro, the personal and the cosmic in this latest invention. The raw turmoil of the Unfold EP is like the storm before the calm, which will give way to the distilled clarity of Stray Light, B&B’s upcoming full-length, due summer of 2012.

Check the Birds & Batteries website for more upcoming shows, including a stop in Davis later this month, and a performance at California Academy of Science’s Nightlife on May 10.

Birds & Batteries 4/21/12

Unfold EP by Birds & Batteries
Photograph of a Supernova Remnant SN 1006 by NASA, ESA, and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

Birds & Batteries – Unfold EP
1. Living Through Pictures
2. Greatest Minds
3. Trouble Makes Three
4. Epic Fail
5. Unfold

Birds & Batteries, Mwahaha, oWNERSHIP
Bottom of the Hill
8:30pm doors, 9:30pm show