Doseone - Anticon

Doseone – “Last Life”

One of Anticon’s multi-operational co-founders, Doseone, finds time in between 13 & Gold, Themselves, Subtle, and other projects to release a solo album next month. G Is For Deep comes out May 29 on Anticon, of course, and the first glimpse of it premiered last week on Stereogum in “Last Life.” The track shows a deviation from the usual breathy, high-pitched rapping to a soft-spoken, poppier feel akin to The Notwist.

Album art and tracklisting are after the jump.

Doseone- G is for Deep

01 “Dancing X”
02 “Last Life”
03 “I Fell”
04 “Thy Pattern”
05 “Therapist This”
06 “End&Egg”
07 “OwlShark”
08 “SEE Answer”
09 “Arm In Armageddon”
10 “The Bends”