Steady On, Scientist

If Lars Von Trier were to have replaced Wagner’s Tristan and Isolde with the sounds of electro-psych rock in his gorgeously ruminating, pre-apocalyptic Melancholia, and if Kiefer Sutherland’s character had taken mushrooms rather than (spoiler alert!) whatever pills were in that bottle, then the result may or may not have been the trippy album trailer for Seventeen Evergreen‘s new record, Steady on, Scientist, which features ever-expanding, hypnotizing planets that will most likely come to haunt you in your sleep if you’re not careful. The visuals for the video were done by Antoine Boilevin, and this audio-aesthetic adventure follows November’s “Polarity Song,” whose yarn-bombing plot displayed similar tendencies toward forging that hallucinogenic frontier.

Incidentally, Seventeen Evergreen opens for Chairlift and Nite Jewel at The Independent tonight. It’s sold out, but dedicated fans can always try their luck on Craigslist.

Chairlift, Nite Jewel, Seventeen Evergreen
Tuesday, April 10, 2012
The Independent
8 pm, $15 (sold out)