Tartufi / Cannons & Clouds 4/13/12

The members of Tartufi appear to have finally decided that they’ve accomplished enough world domination for now and are playing their first local show of 2012 on Friday the 13th.

Don’t worry, I’m sure there’s nothing to be concerned about, despite the inauspicious date. Even Jason Voorhes will be too engrossed in the sounds to get around to hacking anyone up… Though that’s no guarantee that Tartufi won’t be bludgeoning folks with their righteous hammers of sonic righteousness. Anything can — and probably will — happen. This is motherfucking Tartufi, after all.

The show is at Rickshaw Stop and will also feature Cannons and Clouds and Echo Location.

Tartufi has just come off of a tour they say was “THE BEST TOUR EVER,” and have finished recording a new album due out this fall. You can get a little taste of both the tour and the new music they’ve been working on via their 2012 tour EP, which is streamable below and entitled Your Face On My Face On His Face On Everything. There’s also a sweet remix of their 2010 track “The Butterless Man” on the EP.

Tartufi, Cannons and Clouds, Echo Location
Rickshaw Stop
April 13, 2012
9:00pm, $10