Few people truly deserve the title “living legend” as much as modern composer Philip Glass. Though he prefers to be thought of as a composer of “music with repetitive structures” instead of as a “minimalist,” the list of musicians indebted to Glass’s minimalist stylings is a long one. I’m willing to bet that many fans of contemporary electronic and rock music aren’t even aware of the influence he has had on some of the top indie auteurs, knob twiddlers, and beatmakers on the scene today. But a new album of remixes of Philip Glass’s works coming out June 26 on Orange Mountain Music just might change that.

The remix album, which is intended in part as a celebration of Glass’s 75th birthday, was born of a conversation Glass had with his “friend and new collaborator” Beck, who is also contributing a remix to the album. Beck and Glass recruited Hector Castillo, who has worked with everyone from David Bowie to Björk to Lou Reed, to produce the collection. Other remixers include Tyondai Braxton, Amon Tobin, Nosaj Thing, and Memory Tapes.

Here’s a video of Kate Moss dancing to Glass’s “Violin Concerto No. II,” a video which really needs no other introduction.

Kate Moss Dancing to Philip Glass Violin… by Bodhisattva1956

Photo of Hector Castillo, Beck, and Philip Glass (from left) having a coffee at Philip’s house via Just Managing.