According to their Facebook page, Clipd Beaks‘ new album WAKE is “the Super Mario Bros 2” of their discography. That’s a bold claim. Let’s unpack it.

Oh wait, shit… I have no idea what that means. But I can tell you that the album is six tracks of ambient free jazz drone, sounding more suited to wigging out on psychedelics than playing video games. Even the song names suggest the otherworldly and trips into the unknown: there are tracks called “World Exhaust” (which you can watch the video for above), “U.F.O.”, and “In A Hole.” This is not music that wants to grab a hold of you and feed images into your brain so much as it wants to unlock something within your mind and set it free to roam the cosmos.

Download the track “All The Way Evil” below and explore the Clipd Beaks trip for yourself. Or stream/buy the whole thing over on Clipd Beaks’ Bandcamp page.