Foxtails Brigade have released a new video shot by Jack Conte of YouTube darlings Pomplamoose. It’s apparently the first of four videos that they plan to do together. The other three will be released on Foxtails Brigades’ YouTube channel.

The video is shot very much in the Pomplamoose style, where what you hear is what you see — the person and instrument making every single sound at some point makes a cameo in the video. In other words, they’re keepin it real, and they can prove it. Conte explained the method to NPR a couple years ago, and it’s worth checking out if only for the Beyonce and Lady Gaga covers.

This approach works pretty well for Foxtails Brigade, because it means you get a glimpse of the drum kit. I caught a set at SXSW and from what I saw, the kit consisted of a metal bowl, a wine bottle, two toms, some cow bells, and a tambourine. I thought that was cool.

Foxtails Brigade are headlining a show with Emily Jane White on Apr 11 at Cafe Du Nord. (If you haven’t checked out the teaser tracks from EJW’s forthcoming Ode to Sentience, out June 12 on Antenna Farm Records, you should. Do it!) After Du Nord, the two are hitting the road together for a short tour. Hit the jump for the tour dates.

Emily Jane White and Foxtails Brigade tour dates:
4/11 Cafe Du Nord, SF
4/12 Christy’s on the Square, Santa Rosa
4/14 Cafe Mekka, Nevada City