Prolific Easy Bay trash punk group Uzi Rash‘s newest album, Whyte Rash Time, is now available, and the band is celebrating on March 31 at 1-2-3-4 Go! Records. D.C.’s very own Chain and the Gang and SF’s Grass Widow will be joining Uzi Rash in the festivities.

According to the band, Uzi Rash has even more on the horizon: “APRIL 7+8 we go into the studio (living room) to record CORELESS ROLL CAN-LINER, our next hit LP.” Stream two of the band’s Whyte Rash Time songs below:

Full tour dates:
March 22- 1234go! records with GGREEN, GANGLIANS, TWIN STEPS
March 31- 1234go! records w CHAIN + the GANG, another///// WHYTE RASH TIME RELEASE SHOW
April 10- Oakland, w/ BIG BLACK CLOUD (PDX)