There’s a fairly big party going down this Saturday at Oakland’s Peralta Palace. Pretty Blue Presents and Sick Sad World have joined forces and (wait for it…) formed “Voltron,” a nine and a half hour music marathon featuring Sun Araw, Matthewdavid, Jel, and more. From 5:30pm till 3:00am, 2441 Peralta St will be filled with a cornucopia of sounds ranging from hip hop to psych-rock to downtempo beats – a theme captured nicely by the wild flyer you see above, designed by Jordan Deherrera. The show costs a mere $10 at the door.

The full line up also includes Morris, Neto 187 and Bobby Peru (DJ set), Magic Touch and Forest Juziuk, RnB Millionaires, Spaceghost, M. Geddes Gengras, Diva, and house DJs Odd Nosdam and Protoghost.

The idea for Voltron came after organizers realized two major Oakland gatherings were scheduled for Saturday, which seemed counter intuitive, so in true communal fashion they merged ideas and musicians to spawn one major bash. Join the community over on Facebook.

For a musical taste below, listen to Matthewdavid’s “Stealing Sahara,” and trip out to Sun Araw’s 10 minute video for “At Delphi.”