Hot off the release of Cool Nightmare, their second EP, Portland’s Radiation City are bringing their atmoshperic, orchestral indie sounds back to our fair city. They play the Rickshaw Stop this Wednesday night with Sacramento’s Sea of Bees and Brooklyn’s The Loom.

Rad City — as they’re known to the cool kids (by which I mean, on Tumblr) — released this video for the Cool Nightmare track “Find It of Use.” It’s well worth watching. You see that piano up there on the cover of the EP? The one being played by that ghostly dude? Well if you looked at that piano and said to yourself, “I’d love to watch someone bash the shit out of that piano with an axe or a bat or something,” then you’re in luck. That’s exactly what the rad members of Radiation City do in this here video:

Looks like fun, don’t it? See you at the show. (Wear protective clothing, just in case.)