Although the title of the new track off of Grass Widow’s forthcoming full-length alludes to the classic childhood story, “Goldilocks Zone” harkens back to the Sirens of Greek mythology—assuming they were also equipped with a bass (Hannah Lew), a drum kit (Lillian Maring), and an electric guitar (Raven Mahon) on the island, that is.

The latest is bit less jangly than its predecessor, “Disappearing Industries,” which first arrived in January, but it shares the same type of complex, cascading harmonies that this all-girl post-punk trio is so adept at writing; the layered voices of the three women, all of whom are vocalists as well as instrumentalists, prove bewitching enough to steer any ship off course. Internal Logic is slated for release on May 22nd via Grass Widow’s own HLR label. Watch out, sailors.

As if those two weren’t enough, here is a whole (track)list of reasons to tie yourselves to the mast:

1. Goldilocks Zone
2. Hang Around
3. Milo Minute
4. Under the Atmosphere
5. Disappearing Industries
6. A Light in the Static
7. Spock on MUNI
8. Advice
9. Cover You
10. Whistling in the Dark
11. Response to Photographs