Sierra Frost and Lily Faden of the teen sensation Two Seconds have been on hiatus since 2008, when Faden relocated to Brooklyn and Frost joined The Downer Party. In December 2011, they began writing music and recording bi-coastally and have this new EP to show for it. The girls have picked right up where they left off, channeling bands like Sleater-Kinney and early Bettie Serveert. Sleep In the Yard sounds like a college radio transmission from the mid-90s that got lost in the airwaves and found a way to reemerge in cyberspace.

In a three-way email conversation with the girls, here is what they had to say:

TBB: How did you two meet?

Two Seconds: We met at local all-ages shows around the Bay Area when we were in middle school. We were thirteen. After having been acquaintances for months, we began talking one night after discovering that our Live Journal screen names, drummer_babe and member_rub, were (are) anagrams. We didn’t start playing out until we were sixteen. That was in 2006. We’ve always been really competitive with one another.

TBB: What is the origin of the band name?

TS: When we first started playing, we both played guitar. That was when the band was called “Seconds”. Later, in the second incarnation of the band, we both played drums. That was when we named the band “Seconds Two”. When our label at the time, PopSmear Records printed our first t-shirts, something went wrong and the shirts read “Two Seconds.” The order was non refundable so we stuck with the name and agreed to play different instruments.

TBB: What was it like playing venues that you normally wouldn’t be able to get in to?

TS: We liked it. One time we opened for Carrot Top at SF State. A few months later, we played Slim’s, but since it’s a 21+ venue and we were underage, federal drinking laws stated we had to be blindfolded and led to the back until our set. It was really weird like the guy who plays piano in Eyes Wide Shut.

TBB: What are Two Seconds’ musical influences?

TS: There are really too many to count, but our only influence is definitely Kraftwerk. Last year we were in Dusseldorf, Germany and did a walking tour of Kraftewerk history. Lily got a tattoo while we were out there.

TBB: Why the split?

TS: We split in 2008, after a couple things. We had creative differences, and we couldn’t decide who should be allowed to play guitar. Really, those were the creative differences. Then Lily received a scholarship to the New York College of Artistic Movement, so she moved to NYC.

TBB: What have each of you been doing on your respective coasts?

TS: Lily graduated from the NYCAM with a major in Expression. Sierra lives in San Francisco and is in and out of rehab for after getting her leg run over by a Zamboni.

TBB: What made you decide to record this EP?

TS: Well, we just thought about it for a really long time and decided, yes, to do it.

TBB: Logistically, how did that work, given the geographical hurdle?

TS: We visit each other pretty often. We demoed the songs in Sierra’s practice space in SF and got together a few months later in NY to do the real recordings. When we got down to it, we were able to record the EP in about half a day with our friend Chris Crawford at Death By Audio. There’s this metal psychedelic band where every member spiritually ascends and they write, practice, and record all their music out of their bodies on the astral plane and then perform IRL. I don’t know where we were going with this. Sorry.

TBB: What are you two looking forward to in the future, as Two Seconds or otherwise?

TS: Sierra is going to NY in the beginning of April. We’re excited to play shows this summer. We’ve also got about four more songs we’d like to record. Maybe we’ll try and release them with Sleep in the Yard as a record. Who knows?