Cyclops is Tina Lucchesi from Midnite Snaxxx and The Bobbyteens, and Jonny Cat from The Chemicals and also the Portland punk label Jonny Cat Records, among others — listing the musical resumes of each just might crash this site. The pair have been playing a trashy blend of lo fi, garage, and punk together since last summer and have a 7” coming out soon on Austria’s Bachelor Records.

Filmed on a former landfill in the East Bay by Tiger Lily/Canderson with what looks like the fill pasted to Tina and Jonny Cat, the duo runs around in British-styled comedic fashion. “Cyclops Island” clocks in at just under and minute-and-thirty to deliver the message: “Cyclops Island is where it’s at!”

Note: If you half-expect Ringo Starr and a giant rubber dinosaur to enter the frame, you are not alone.

Cyclops kicks off a California tour on Thursday, March 15th at 1-2-3-4 Go! Records, and the band returns to the Bay on March 24th for a Burger Boogaloo show at Thee Parkside.