According to Drag City‘s press release, Sic Alps aren’t diehard record collectors, but their old Tronics singles have earned a very special and permanent place by the stereo. So, one fateful night, the duo decided to record four of those beloved songs, leaving us with Pangea Globe, which is slated for release at the end of April.

For those of you that don’t know, Tronics are an obscure but awesome post-punk band from London that, between 1979 and 1984, released four singles, a cassette, an LP, and a flexi-disc. Originals are very hard to come by these days, and they cost a pretty penny if you’re lucky enough to find one. But if Sic Alps cover these tracks with the same skill and zeal with which they write them, it’s likely that they’ll inspire not a few such quests. Here’s hoping they’ll add “Crush On You” to the catalog somewhere down the road. And here’s the EP’s track list, most of which is off of Tronics’ only LP, Love Backed By Force:

1. My Baby’s In A Coma
2. Shark Fucks
3. Spending Time
4. Squiddley Diddley

Also, following dates in Big Sur and San Francisco at the end of February, come April, Sic Alps will be taking these tracks on the road. In Europe:

4.19.12 Athens, Greece @ Six Dogs
4.20.12 Larissa, Greece @ Stage Live
4.21.12 Thessaloniki, Greece @ Coo
4.22.12 Skopje, Macedonia @ MKC Club
4.23.12 Belgrade, Serbia @ KC Belgrade
4.24.12 Zagreb, Croatia @ Tvornica Kultur
4.25.12 Torino, Italy @ Spazio 211
4.26.12 Roma, Italy @ Init
4.27.12 Firenze, Italy @ Museo
4.28.12 Verona, Italy @ Interzona
4.29.12 Ancona, Italy @ Tnt lesi
4.30.12 Faenza, Italy @ Clandestino
5.04.12 Leffingen, Belgium @ De Zwerver
5.05.12 Antwerp, Belgium @ Trix
5.06.12 Arlon, Belgium @ Palais
5.07.12 Cologne, Germany @ King George