Antenna Farm Records has reissued Papercuts first proper album, Mockingbird, and we want to give you a copy. Yes, you!

This ain’t just a reissue, it’s a deluxe reissue. For one thing, it’s on vinyl — for the first time ever, as Mockingbird was originally released only on CD in 2004. Second, Antenna Farm got every aspect of the reissue just right, from having California “vinyl auteur” JJ Golden cut the lacquer so that the dynamics of the album would leap right off your turntable, to getting Papercuts mastermind Jason Quever to go back into the Pan American Recording studio vaults to find two unreleased Mockingbird-era tracks, “Shy” and “Lost Parade”, which are included with the LP as a bonus 7″. Then the label pressed it all on blue 140-gram vinyl and limited it to just 500 copies.

Mockingbird put Papercuts on the map. The album’s lush, woozy folk-pop — exemplified in tracks like “Poor and Free”, which you can hear below — caught the attention of Vetiver’s Andy Cabic, who would later take Papercuts on the road, and Devendra Banhardt, and the duo would eventually sign Quever to their label, Gnomonsong, for 2007’s Can’t Go Back and 2009’s You Can Have What You Want. Hit the jump to find out how you can win a copy of the Mockingbird LP! Contest is closed; congrats to Garrett Bentley!

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Jason Quever has produced and recorded albums by many well-known bands. Who is your favorite band that Quever has worked with? Why?

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