One-third of the Vivian Girls, Katy Goodman will headline a show at the Rickshaw Stop Wednesday night as La Sera, supported by L.A.’s Cold Showers and San Francisco’s loveable and cuddly brat, Swiftumz.

On La Sera’s sophomore release, due later this month on Hardly Art, Goodman has stripped away a few of the layers found on her solo project’s self-titled debut for a more polished finish. Still very much a pop record, all the surfy punch remains on Sees the Light, but the vocals are prominent and — gasp! — are clear, not buried under dense reverb. The music is so catchy that it takes a minute to realize a lot of the songs are actually about break-ups and heartache — just in time to help some of us to heal and move on for our summer romances. Thanks for looking out, Katy.

Cold Showers features Jennifer Clavin of Bleached, though the group sounds quite a bit different. The band is currently working on their debut LP of pounding, garage-y Joy Division inspired songs.

Live, Swiftumz-the-band takes the lo-fi bedroom pop of Chris McVicker and beefs it up for a more straightforward pop-punk approach. The transformation is cool to watch, the way pre-69 Love Songs-era Magnetic Fields was.

Super fans of Vivian Girls and their many side projects can treat themselves to a later show at The Knockout, where Fiona Campbell’s Coasting headline (which was previewed here).

Theoretically, this show-hopping could actually work — the Rickshaw show starts at 9pm and should be over by midnight. High tail it out of there for The Knockout in time to see Coasting, and then grab a Hamm Job (that is, Hamms in a can and a shot of whiskey) before last call and cheers yourself for such sporting dedication.