Oakland producer BOATS has just dropped his new EP, Bleaving, on Dollops Music. It also marks the inaugural release for the similarly Oakland-based label/collective.

From the first notes of opening track “Scribe” to the fade out of final track “Fogburns,” Bleaving is an immediate blanket for the ears. It’s synthed-out beats aren’t too dreamy, and it’s laid back hooks aren’t too calm. Bleaving is the next fresh batch of head-nodding tunes your chill collection needs.

Stream the album below, but be sure to head to the Dollops’ Bandcamp page to purchase it too, as there they explain very honestly: “Proceeds from any sales go back to our broke ass artists and collective for the purpose of putting on, when possible, free events for our community, so support us if you can! <3”

Below, check out the video for “Fogburns,” done by Dave Reep also known as Elephant & Castle.