I am helplessly addicted to London’s Chapter 24. Is it the intense Richard Lloyd guitar work? Is it the mere fact that no one else is making music like this?? Is it the image of melodica on leg?? Choose “D,” all of the above. Since my first encounter at last year’s SXSW, I’ve been hooked. They already have nine shows lined up for Austin, so I suppose I’s got my work cut out for me. As fun as their recordings are, this is a band to see live. Singer Claire paces back and forth on stage like a caged cheetah. In minutes, she is screaming and pogo-ing herself into a frenzy.

Thursday night at the Brick and Mortar was a reminder that South by Southwest is less than three weeks away! It made me wonder what business I had going to music every night this week. I should be sleeping. Indeed, all 4 acts will be headed to Austin very soon. Most will play several shows over 3-4 days. As Noise Pop grows and blossoms, it becomes a weigh station of sorts. Bands get a chance to try new material before heading to the great musical orgy in Texas.

As curious as I was about Vancouver’s Chains of Love, they must’ve canceled and I was psyched to see SF’s lovely Carletta Sue Kay again. The last time we rendezvoused was at the dearly departed Eagle Tavern (rip). Since then, Ms. Kay has developed several new songs including one she proudly displayed on four 8 x 10 sheets of paper! The powerful vocals continue to amaze and the guitarist is even bringing some harmonica now.

Oakland’s Bare Wires have come a long way in these past few years. They even made it to NPR’s Song of the Day! The dirty ’70s garage sound is well done, and the hair… great hair. These dudes have 10 (TEN) shows now confirmed for Austin. I hope they are getting some rest.

Dirty Ghosts‘ debut album Metal Moon was just released. Some colored vinyl available in limited quantities!