Day 1 ended at Bimbo’s with the Flaming Lips performing The Soft Bulletin. I’m more of a Clouds Taste Metallic guy, but damned if the Lips didn’t put me through another test of faith. “Waitin’ for a Superman” with only Steven and Wayne playing was powerfully beautiful. Between songs, Wayne shared his interpretation of the record. As much as we want to enjoy the beauty of life, we must do so with the understanding that a lot of horrible shit is going on all around us. There is more horror than beauty. Yet WE, WE can create more beauty (for ourselves and those less fortunate than us). He went on to declare: “Music is the god I want to submit to”. All hail the Flaming Lips!! The single encore – “DO……YOU……..REALIZE…….?……?”

Leaving Bimbos we were greeted by the sweet, folksy sounds of Oakland’s Tumbleweed Wanderers, busking their way to your heart. Looks like they play Bottom of the Hill March 9th.

Sorry Ever After

Day 1 began at Bender’s where SF’s SorryEverAfter rocked hard and gave away copies of their great new recording Meet Us When the Lights Go Low on blue vinyl! They were followed by Swiftumz whose lazy, hazy psychedelia paired oh so well with the tasty discounted beers. Quite a day. Well done Noise Pop!

Swiftumz’ Chris McVicker

Wayne and Derek