Black Bananas – “Rad Times”

Jennifer Herrema has fronted bands in various incarnations: first, rock band Royal Trux, which she formed at the age of sixteen with partner Neil Hagerty, and then RTX, and now Black Bananas, which has maintained the same cast as RTX despite the change in moniker. The first record released by the latest formation, Rad Times Xpress IV, dropped on Drag City on January 31st and veers away from both the 70s blues rock and 80s metal of previous manifestations to something a bit different. It also includes a Rolling Stones cover (“Before They Make Me Run”) featuring Kurt Vile.

To hear more, see Black Bananas open for Sleigh Bells as part of Noise Pop at the Regency Ballroom this Thursday, February 23. The show is sold out, but you might be able to finagle something on Craiglist if you’ve got the gumption.