Over the next several days, we’ll be running day-by-day previews of what to expect from the 2012 Noise Pop Music Festival. We’re kicking off with a look at Tuesday’s slate of shows.

Date: Tuesday, February 21

Number of Noise Pop Shows: 3 shows, 10 performers

Already Sold-Out: So Tuesday’s Flaming Lips show is very, very sold out, and why wouldn’t it be? To have a band that co-headlined Treasure Island playing their best record at Bimbo’s is something pretty special. Tickets on Craigslist are going for upwards of $250, although it looks like folks are also proposing trades for Radiohead tix too.

Check These Shows Out: If you aren’t Lips-bound, you’ve got two other options on Noise Pop’s first night. Craig Finn of The Hold Steady recently released his first solo album, Clear Heart Full Eyes, recording with a band of Austin musicians and production by Mike McCarthy (Spoon). Finn’s blend of singer-songwriter and rock and roll sounds will find support from three bands at Bottom of the Hill: Sad Baby Wolf (featuring ex-Shin Marty Crandall), North Carolina’s Mount Moriah, and local rock-pop band Ash Reiter.

Craig Finn – New Friend Jesus by Vagrant Records

Mount Moriah – “Lament”

Over at Bender’s, the Noise Pop Happy Hour series kicks off with a great one featuring a bunch of bands we’ve written about over the past few months. Permanent Collection (ex-Young Prisms) and Swiftumz serve up texture-rich concoctions, while SorryEverAfter slings fuzzy power pop.

Swiftumz – “Angelita”