Death Cheetah combines ominous electronic noise, pummeling drums, and metal guitars to make what the band calls “terri fi” music. It’s the project of Kevin Taylor, who is a visual artist in addition to a musician, which you can readily ascertain from the elaborate attention paid to every detail of the packaging for his debut, a limited edition, lathe-cut record with one track, called “Be Someone’s Horse.” You can listen to it below, and pick up a copy here.

The record is limited to only 50 copies, or you can buy the track digitally for $1 over on Bandcamp, where you’ll also be treated to an overly wordy description of Death Cheetah’s music. Don’t let that deter you (I’m guessing it’s a carryover from Taylor’s visual art career). “Be Someone’s Horse” is a little like what might happen if The Knife were writing songs for Ministry. If that’s your thing, make sure you give it a listen.

And as a bonus: Hit the jump to listen to a remix of “Be Someone’s Horse” by Jon Bernson of Exray’s.