Marty Anderson has maintained a following over the years despite never touring, aside from the odd show here or there in the past (a little bit of research revealed his last show was probably in 2008). After releasing two outstanding records in 2005, Low Road and High Road, and Huggable Dust in 2008 under the moniker Okay on Absolutely Kosher, Anderson has been MIA ever since.

[Ed. Note: After an exclusive contribution to The Bay Bridged, Volume 2 also in 2008!]

A rare form of Crohn’s disease keeps Anderson more or less confined to his parents’ home in Fremont, requiring an IV for most of the time. Okay is a kaleidoscopic collage of broken vocals, organs, toy instruments, drum machines, odd electronic blips and tweets, and other sound effects to create achingly personal and beautiful pop songs.

Okay – “My”

Now fans can rejoice and newbies can discover this under-appreciated artist. A small publishing house out of Portland, OR called Perfect Day reached out to Anderson and asked him to play a show in support of another survivor, Martha Grover — and he agreed.

Grover will open the evening with readings from her newly published book One More for the People, a selection of pieces from her Somnambulist zine, an ongoing and autobiographical collection of sometimes humorous essays about life and her own struggle with Cushing’s disease. Also performing are instrumental crescendo rockers The Drift, who recently said goodbye to band member Jeff Jacobs due to cancer.

The lineup may seem like a bit of a downer, but fear not — the evening promises to be a celebration of life and strength. Okay, The Drift, and Martha Grover perform at Cafe du Nord on February 21 (8pm, $10/12).