Raucous rock duo Coasting is making a stop in San Francisco as part of their West Coast tour. The band features Fiona Campbell and Madison Farmer on drums and guitar, respectively, playing a stripped down pop-infused rock and roll; it’s heavily steeped in the DIY girl group sound, with sing-songy vocals and loud, fervent, and crash-heavy drumming. If you appreciate a bare bones approach to rock music with emphasis on energy and melody, rather than intricate instrumentation and songwriting, then you should find Coasting a refreshing listen.

Coasting had already toured two hemispheres and sold out of a few 7-inches before dropping You’re Never Going Back on M’Lady’s Records last November, and the girls have managed to stay pretty busy ever since. Farmer also plays guitar for Brooklyn’s Dream Diary and the brand new Memphis-based band Toxie, while finding time to earn wages at the Memphis record store-slash-label Goner Records. Meanwhile, Campbell has been touring the world with her other band, Vivian Girls, and has also recently joined forces with Ian Svenovius’ latest band Chain & The Gang. Oh, and she also runs M’Lady’s Records. How’s that for humbling?

You can see Coasting on March 7 at The Knockout. Oakland’s Midnite Snaxxx — Tina Lucchesi, Dulcinea Gonzalez, and Renee Leal — are three long-time fixtures in the Bay Area music scene and will also take the stage. They craft punk songs that are loud, catchy, and fast with snotty back-and-forth vocals, songs that are careful to never hit the three-minute mark. Be sure to also check out the soul-infused garage rock of The Younger Lovers from Oakland as well as the dark psychedelia of Portland’s Shivas.

Below, enjoy Coasting’s claymation avatars in this video for “Portland”: