Busdriver is set to release his new album, Beaus$Eros, on February 21. Pre-order it now, and you also get a 7″ record with an exclusive track, “Superhand’s Mantra (Fuck Us All)”, featuring Aesop Rock. You can listen to that track below.

In case you’re not tempted to listen to “Superhand’s Mantra (Fuck Us All),” consider that Busdriver told Self-Titled: “I asked Aesop Rock to join me in a spiraling death plunge into rap’s blackened heart and he happily agreed… Unlike any of the songs on Beaus$Eros, this song abandons all good taste.” For the record, Beaus$Eros has a track called “Ass To Mouth” on it, and another called “NoBlacksNoJewsNoAsians” (which you can actually download for free over on Busdriver’s website).

Also, Aesop Rock rhymes “My whole soul’s mildew” with “cultural milieu,” which you have to admit is pretty damn dope.

Busdriver plays Slim’s on February 19.