Xray Eyeballs is the product of San Francisco expatriate O.J. San Felipe (also responsible for Golden Triangle) who is apparently also some kind of marketing genius. He has amassed a cult following in a short period of time from unhealthy and DIY rock-and-roll tactics, like getting obliterated and hanging from rafters at shows, or giving away a now coveted “ghost girl” t-shirt to every punk, skater, or goth he could find. Okay, maybe marketing isn’t quite the right word, but Felipe is certainly doing something right.

As for the music, Xray Eyeballs deliver dark and driving pop hooks that are occasionally surf-y with strong vocal harmonies and synth melodies to boot. Track three of their second LP Splendor Squalor (due to be released February 28 on Kanine Records) is available for download on Bandcamp, and, my-oh-my, is it catchy. Just one listen will not suffice if descriptions like “darkwave” or comparisons to Factory Records float your boat.

So far, no word of a west coast homecoming for San Felipe and his bandmates Liz Lohse, Sarah Baldwin, and Carly Rabalais. We will keep you posted.