Over one weekend this past summer San Francisco garage group Midnight Snackers locked themselves into the studio, and just 72 hours or so later, came out with their second EP Sudden Death.

The paradoxical concept of wanting to spark total creative freedom through implementing strict constraints lead the band to create the album in a short span of time. Their mission was to avoid the post-editing process and come out with something organic and unadulterated.

In a press release for the new record, the band’s singer Dylan Haas describes what his thoughts were going into recording:

Really, I just wanted to see what kind of music we would make if we were completely strung out on sleeplessness and pharmaceuticals, like the way people lose their shit when they’re stuck in a car together for 12 hours.

Sudden Death is a solid release showing the diversity the Midnight Snackers brings to a saturated Bay Area garage market. The album is available for download on the group’s Bandcamp.