“Time Heals” – Bhi Bhiman from Bhi Bhiman on Vimeo.

San Francisco singer-songwriter Bhi Bhiman has released a new stop-motion animated music video for his song “Time Heals” from his forthcoming album BHIMAN out January 24th on BooCoo Music (the album is streaming on Spinner this week). The video, directed by Liam Hurley and Sam Kassirer, uses photographs of Bhiman in 662 different facial expressions and 4,000 shots of animation. For more of the directors’ perspective and about Bhiman’s new album, head over to IFC:

We were drawn to the theme of time in this song, with a concept of ‘moving collage’ in mind,” Hurley and Kassirer said. “The discrete sections and tempo changes lent an air of theatricality, over which Bhi’s powerful voice serves to unite all the ‘acts.’ Although newspapers traditionally serve to mark a specific point in history, in this case they were used to emphasize the viewers sense of timelessness, something Bhi’s music does so well.

Bhiman is currently in the middle of a small U.S tour with Martin Sexton, but will play a record release party at Bottom of the Hill on February 18th with Vandella.

Bhi Bhiman