Birdmonster - "Living"

Birdmonster said it best in a recent email explaining their whereabouts: “My, my. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? We’re sorry. We missed you too. We were just waiting for that special time between the Harold Camping-sponsored apocalypse and the Mayan-flavored cataclysm and that time is now.”

It’s true that Birdmonster activity has slowed a bit since 2006’s No Midnight, 2008’s From the Mountain to the Sea, and 2009’s Blood Memory (especially given the recent solo adventures of Sonny Pete). However, a new single from Birdmonster, “Living”, is available now: upbeat, rhythmic indie rock, with an underlying pulse of folk that brings us back to the heart of the band.

Birdmonster – “Living”

Birdmonster are scheduled to celebrate the release of “Living” by playing Bottom of the Hill tomorrow night (Saturday, 1/28/12, 10:00pm, $12, 21+), with Sorryeverafter and IFFG. Those who attend the show will receive a code to download “Living” for free (or, those interested can download the track from the above link).

We have a pair of tickets to give away to tomorrow’s Birdmonster show! To enter, send an email to – the THIRD person to enter will win!