Sonny Smith - Sees All Knows All

Sonny Smith, the man behind Sonny & the Sunsets, is halfway through a series of performances that are one part music, one part theater, and three parts mystery called “Sees All Knows All: A Thing by Sonny Smith.” Taking place at The Lost Church over four consecutive Saturdays that started on January 14th, the series showcases a rotating cast of local openers. The past two installments featured Alexi Glickman and Kelley Stoltz. As for the next two, Kyle Field of Little Wings will open this Saturday, January 28th, and the February 4th iteration will have Tim Cohen opening and Sunfoot closing.

Billed as “a musical and theatrical experience,” Sonny explained in an email interview that “there’s a band playing music throughout the monologue.” In addition to his musical oeuvre that includes 2010’s Tomorrow Is Alright and 2011’s Hit After Hit, Sonny has written short stories and plays, and even wrote and directed a film. The poster for the event is actually a print “by my favorite artist Chris Johanson. So it’s him who came up with the title. It was pre-destined to be used as it fits the story perfectly.”

As for that story, The Lost Church’s website describes it, in Sonny’s words, as “a tale of love, sex, drugs, spaceships, paranoia, romance, hallucinations, bitters tears, and champagne. Sort of a Spaulding Gray typa thing if Spalding Gray had a band.” When asked what actor Spalding Gray would have thought about the series, Sonny said, “We both share a proclivity to drowning. He might appreciate/be disgusted by that. One hopes he might have enjoyed it.”

Tickets ($15) are available on The Lost Church’s website, and note that the venue has limited seating.