Rachel Fannan‘s latest project, Only You, is a powerful, all female rock band comprised of Fannan (guitar/vocals), Cecilia Della Peruti (guitar/vocals), Micayla Grace (bass/vocals), and Lia Braswell (drums). Channeling surf and psych sounds, Only You showcases four talented young musicians in the early stages of something special.

“We’ve been getting warmer,” shares Fannan. “Only You is still a new group trying to find time to play. Micayla and Cecilia have been friends of mine through music for a few years, and we all sort of waded into each other. And with Braswell, we’d been introduced to her through a sort of audition process that turned out to be more like a spiritual awakening.”

Only You headlines Brick & Mortar Music Hall this Thursday, January 26th (9pm, $8-10), with a fantastic supporting bill of Sparrow’s Gate, Light Fantastic, and DJ sets by Midnight Artist (Update: Blackstrap Molasses is no longer performing). Grab tix here.