The Soft Moon / Captured Tracks showcase 1/19/12

Last Thursday, January 19th, Captured Tracks showcased two of their West Coast bands, The Soft Moon and Blouse (with the opener Feelings) at Cafe du Nord. This was The Soft Moon’s first performance with a live drummer, and they destroyed du Nord just the way they did last time, properly with strobes and blown out volumes. Blouse, a coy, bedroom pop-style band from Portland, was equally appreciated by the large crowd. It was quite a packed venue — one of those rare nights where on the way in through the front door, bystanders desperately ask you for extra tickets. Either way, anyone lucky enough to make it in saw a fantastic show, and to those who did attend — any help with naming the opening performer (pictured in the gallery below) in the comments would be huge!

[nggallery id=120119_dunord_softmoon]