San Francisco certainly has no shortage of garage bands, a term once applied to bands who rehearsed in garages (one would assume, right?) but now refers to that 60s-era inspired fuzzed-out psychedelia that our beloved City by the Bay is steeped in. The spirit has been kept alive, but the problem is, not everyone influenced by this vintage sound does it well.

Enter the Spyrals, who are having their self-titled record release party tonight at the Brick and Mortar Music Hall. Elliot Kiger, Brandon Wurtz, and Jeff Lewis make a sound that takes the spirit of Roky Erickson and adds just enough Ian McCulloch to keep it from sounding dated. It’s hypnotic but can get you moving.

After a couple of EPs, Spyrals is the band’s first full-length release and was recorded at their own studio on an eight-track reel to reel. “No one was injured,” Jeff tells me in an email, “and we still have most of our hearing left.”

When asked what we should expect at their show tonight, he responded, “A smoke machine and some dancing! We’ll also have hand screen-printed t-shirts for the first time.”

You can check out the Spyrals tonight at 9pm/doors 8pm @ Brick and Mortar Music Hall with Zodiac Death Valley, Mister Loveless, and Baby Talk (1710 Mission St., SF, $7-$10).