Royal Baths – Black Sheep from Royal Baths on Vimeo.

Royal Baths have had a big year so far — after recently moving to NYC, the band signed with the Brooklyn-based label Kanine Records for a second full length out February 7, Better Luck Next Life. The first single off of the record was “Darling Divine,” which was highlighted on Pitchfork, and a video premiered yesterday for their next celebrated album track, “Black Sheep.” No tour dates are announced yet, but surely we’ll see this band on the West Coast within the first half of the year.

Tracklisting for Better Luck Next Life is after the jump.

1. Darling Divine
2. Burned
3. Faster, Harder
4. Be Afraid of Me
5. Nightmare Voodoo
6. Contempt
7. Back Sheep
8. Map of Heaven
9. Someone New