Last year, among many electronic collaborations in the East Bay, the one between Some Ember (Dylan Travis of Man/Miracle) and Elephant & Castle was dubbed Otherness. The duo released an EP in 2011 and played at least one show.

Their newest track “Cashmere Cloud” is instrumental, bizarrely tribal and thick — suggesting that these two may be going to some dark levels with this project. It’s highly possible that the image above (which comes along with the track) is a still grabbed from some trippy visuals that will be projected at the next Otherness show.

Here’s a little about the track from the Mapzzz blog:

The new song, inspired in part by Oakland’s own unabashed beat-centric monthly Sick Sad World, sheds most of the celestial funkiness Otherness showed a knack for early on, instead focusing on a deep, burrowing synth-laden beat. Good thing they know how to do that shit too. No word yet on where/when/how/if this tune will be available in the future, but such is the tale of Otherness.