Songs For Moms

It is with great joy that I report to you from Oakland’s 1-2-3-4 Go! Record Store. Truly the lil’ record store that could. They now boast live music on a very regular basis and host some of the best shows in town. No booze, but it’s all ages and the big kids can go next door to Homeroom for some delicious tap beer (and 4000 kinds of mac n’ cheese). The headliner tonite was Oakland’s own Songs For Moms, a band I was sadly unfamiliar with. These grrrrls rawwwwwk! Take a listen to “In the West” from their 2009 record I used to Believe in the West, then join the fan club or at least track them down for a show. Not only do they write, sing and play well (a rare combination) but the drummer, Carey is the executive director and founder of the Bay Area Girls Rock Camp! Since 2008 this uber cool camp has been dedicated to the empowerment of young girls (8 to 18) building confidence and creativity through music. Very uber cool.


Opening up, all the way from San Jose we enjoyed Sourpatch. This multi-talented crew switched instruments nearly every song. I particularly enjoyed the vocal stylings of this guy pictured above. His songs nearly evoked the recently reincarnated Guided By Voices.

I missed most of the second band, High Dive. I drank as fast as I could. They come all the way from Bloomington Indiana and consider themselves ‘queer positive’. We returned just in time to hear the last 2 songs. The first was a very fun cover of “I think We’re Alone Now”, the 1967 Shondells hit all sped up like Green Day when they were 18. The place was so packed and they ended so quick I couldn’t even snap a photo. Sorry Divers…

1-2-3-4 Go! has quite the schedule coming up with Uzi Rash Jan 11th, Terry Malts Jan 21st and Nobunny Jan 24th! Fuck yeah!! Check out their facebook page for the complete calendar!!

Songs For Moms