Al Lover - 2011 mixtape

Although we are technically done with 2011, we can still enjoy 2011 music retrospectives. For those interested, the mixtape master Al Lover has released a free mix of his favorite local tunes from 2011, all remix-style:

Yeah, yeah, everyone’s chopping and screwing things these day, I know, but I love it. What can I say I’m from the south. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while but never got around to it, so in the spirit of the holidays I figured I would ruin some of my favorite rock n roll songs from the year by giving ’em the old lean treatment. I’ve been getting bored of the idea of just throwing a regular ass mix of songs together so I figured I’d make something fucked up for people who are fucked up and like fucked up music. Hope you dig it . . . . you probably won’t.

Download the mix on Al Lover’s website.