Until the end of the year, we’ll be launching a series of mixtapes capturing a whole bunch of the great Bay Area releases from the past year. We’re kicking it off with this look at electronic pop.

As we first observed a little over a year ago, the Bay Area is a fertile place for musicians exploring the wide world of electronic pop. From bands like Exray’s, Mwahaha, Melted Toys, and Phantom Kicks, to one-man projects like Speculator, Parentz (a reader informs us Parentz is now a two-person group), Tycho, and Swiftumz, synths played a big role in the sounds emanating from many corners of the Bay this year.

This 90-minute mix captures over twenty Bay Area and Northern California artists who released new records this year, and showcases exciting, envelope-pushing work in a number of diverse sounds. Follow each link to look back at our coverage of Bay Area electronic pop in 2011.

Mixtape: SF Electronic Pop in 2011 (Podcast 264)

Track Listing:

1. Antonionian – “Into The Night”
2. James & Evander – “Constellating”
3. Mi Ami – “Hard Up”
4. Phantom Kicks – “Cut From A Different Clay (Feat. Cameron Spies)”
5. Muscle Drum – “Compromise”
6. Pregnant – “Letter To A Friend”
7. Jib Kidder – “Cruising 1”
8. Raleigh Moncrief – “Cast Out For Days”
9. Speculator – “Jenny Says”
10. Water Borders – “What Wiwant”
11. THEMAYS – “High Noon Walker”
12. 13 & God – “Old Age”
13. Tycho – “Hours”
14. Swiftumz – “Angelita”
15. Melted Toys – “Come On”
16. Parentz – “Big”
17. ChuCha Santamaria Y Usted – “Fiebre Tropical”
18. Giraffage – “LUV”
19. Fops – “Cheater Carolina”
20. Mwahaha – “Rainbow Diamond”
21. Exray’s – “Hesitation”
22. Part Time – “I Wanna Take You Out”
23. Magic Touch – “Clubhouse (feat. Honey Owens)”
24. Yalls – “Germs”