Geographer - Myth

Yesterday, Paste Magazine premiered a brand-new song from Geographer: the lush and synth-driven “Life of Crime.”

This new song comes from the much-anticipated new album from Geographer, entitled Myth, which comes out on February 28th, 2012 via Modern Art Records. Since 2010’s Animal Shapes EP and 2008’s Innocent Ghosts LP, Geographer has managed to cultivate some significant popularity, both local and beyond – so the success of Myth seems predestined.

Grab the “Life of Crime” mp3 plus Myth tracklist, and check out our video of Geographer performing a new, loop-heavy song at the 2011 Treasure Island Music Festival after the jump.


Myth tracklist:
1. Life of Crime
2. The Myth of Youth
3. Kaleidoscope
4. Blinders
5. Lovers Game
6. The Dream Has Faded
7. Shell Beach
8. The Boulder
9. Vesijarvi
10. Kites

Geographer playing a new song at Treasure Island Music Festival 2011: