Dope Mountain Fuck Vol 2

Man/Miracle frontman Dylan Travis has been keeping his electronic side project under wraps for some time, but today Some Ember debuts with “Deep Ocean.” The track is part of a killer electronic/hip-hop compilation fresh out, Dope Mountain Fuck Vol. 2. The compilation marks a new beginning to a preexisting label collaboration amongst friends, Crash Symbols. Here’s more on that:

About a year-and-a-half ago I first met Dwight and his then girlfriend Liz while touring with Born Gold (then Gobble Gobble). It was obvious from the first handshake that I had just discovered two of my best friends in the most unlikely of places, West Virginia. It was upon this first meeting while smoking a bowl on the front porch that the idea of Crash Symbols was born. Fast forward to now; we’ve released around twenty tapes, our first vinyl release (both a 12″ and a 7″), plus Dwight and Liz got married! The three of us couldn’t be happier with everything we’ve accomplished in so little time. To celebrate we bring to you today the second volume of our inaugural mixtape, Dope Mountain Fuck. With just as much energy and twice the confidence, DMFv2 is a symbol of achievement for us. It features new bangers from Main Attrakionz, Oxykitten, Ghibli, changemod, Gahza, Ricky Eat Acid & more; as well as remixes from Emily Reo & Ryan Hemsworth and a Deniro Farrar cut over a previously unreleased Clams Casino beat. This is potentially our most ambitious mixtape to date and we’re pretty damn proud of it. 2012 belongs to us and ours.