After a few days offline, we’re pleased to report that is now back in action! A few weeks ago, we noticed that our posts were no longer catching in RSS readers, and our podcasts weren’t taking to iTunes. Then we started getting notes from some of you asking why spammy links for generic prescription drugs were taking over the home page.

After doing some digging, our gracious host, Prana Systems, discovered that spam bots had snuck in and seriously damaged the site’s code. It took a lot of hard — and extremely appreciated — work to rebuild the site from backups, and we’re now largely back to where we were before the unpleasantness earlier in the week.

Anyway, to summarize:

– We’ll be returning to regular blogging over the next few days, although it will take a little while to catch up on all of the local music news.

– The RSS feed now works again, as does the podcast feed on iTunes. Subscribe!

– We are not looking to boost site revenue through the sale of generic prescription drugs. Not currently, anyway.

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